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There are two central insights in psychology: first, we humans are all the same, second, we are all different. This may sound funny at first, but on closer inspection and a lot of empirical research it explains a large part of our daily actions and feelings. Dealing with our personality leads us to the differences in our experiences and behaviour, and the explanation of why we behave differently in the same situations and also experience different emotions.



Why do some people experience joy and happiness after a successful board presentation and why are some of us just relieved? Why do we get angry when our boss makes a "political" decision and not a purely factual one?


Our personality is therefore one of the key factors for our successful professional activities - regardless of the context. This gives rise to the following intriguing questions:


- What is my personality?

- How do I get clarity in my different roles and the associated tasks?

- How has previous experiences shaped me and how do they still influence my actions today?

- How do I deal with stressful situations?

- What motives distinguish me and drive me?

- Which needs control my actions?

- How do I understand myself and thereby also others?


Just knowing about our personality and the differences between us does not make us more successful employees and managers or even better people. However, it represents the starting point of a personal change process and be it to recognize which position and which professional challenges make me really satisfied and productive.


We accompany and support you professionally and sustainably in this process of reflection and change - for example in short supervision rounds or in one-year Cross-Mentoring programs.


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