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It is well known that one change process follows the other, with time and again everyone involved being amazed that the same pitfalls always occur. The reason for this is usually a lack of or insufficient communication and the failure to perceive the different needs of the workforce. Especially with complex change processes, it is usually not enough to propagate a goal, but it is necessary to analyse together how the stagnation is actually maintained. The common causes of stagnation are unconscious parts that we all carry within us.


This includes stereotypical thinking as well as fear of change, unreflected beliefs and much more.


One of the most common beliefs is "I have to do it on my own". Even if everyone is talking about team spirit, the maxim of the “lonely wolf” who achieves outstanding things still seems to be anchored in people's minds. The moon landing would not have happened without the mathematicians at NASA, and Karl Benz would never have advanced his automobile if his wife had not courageously embarked on an adventurous journey with the first model.


Organisational development that helps companies evolve therefore means realizing the potential of everyone, regardless of gender, origin or worldview. Because only the unsparing perception of what is and the open and non-hierarchical exchange about different visions allows us to dare something new and produce something innovative. When it comes to “mixed leadership” in particular, the unconscious is the strongest obstacle.


Because here it is not about right or wrong, but about analyzing what is simply retained out of habit, even though it serves neither the organization nor the individual.





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