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Female Leadership

Women in management are still not a matter of course today, even if the numbers at the lower management levels have increased slightly in recent years. Women are still underrepresented on the executive boards of German companies. The reasons for this are complex, some of which have been known for years, but are also often ignored.


The belief that women are self-confident today and will therefore automatically have a career is widespread.




The surprise when it doesn't work is great for both women and companies. It then usually becomes clear that there is a lack of understanding of the underlying mechanisms. And that's no wonder given that gender diversity is a highly complex issue.



Cross Consult, with a well-founded scientific background in gender and women's research, supports companies in analysing the mechanisms that slow down women's advancement. Starting with recruiting, the imagery used, employer branding, through to competency models and assessment criteria, there are many parameters that can be worked on in order to support women in the long term to contribute all their skills to the company, to develop further and achieve their full potential to develop potential.






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