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Brand new: Cross Globe - The worldwide, digital cross-mentoring program:
Start: October 1, 2024


Develop your executives and talents by exchanging global perspectives!

In an interconnected world, it is important to understand and appreciate the cultural diversity as well as different needs and challenges people have coming from different countries. As a company that operates internationally, you want to qualify your employees not only for the global market, but you are interested in recruiting them and retaining them on the long run.

Cross Globe is the first worldwide, digital cross-mentoring program that helps you achieve this goal.

It is aimed at executives and talents who want to exchange ideas with a mentor from another company, either from their own country of origin or from another country, on topics such as leadership, personal development, current professional challenges and much more.

As a mentee you benefit from the experience, feedback and network of your mentor, who can give you new perspectives and valuable impulses. The mentoring journey with individual tandem meetings, various exchange formats, seminars and virtual touchpoints takes one year. Participants can network with other executives from different countries and industries as well as broaden their own perspectives. Program language is English.

If you are interested in promoting your executives and talents with this innovative and intercultural program, please contact us for further information. Your contact person is Dr. Nadja Tschirner, (


Dr. Nadja Tschirner

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