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- in the DACH region in German and Cross Globe, worldwide in English

Our business world is changing

We work in different places, at different times - at home, in the office, while traveling and sometimes we move and work and live in completely new exciting places. And our teams have also changed - many of us work across borders in good exchange with colleagues from other countries and continents.

With our new programs, Cross Globe and Cross-Mentoring DACH, we offer an outstanding virtual cross-mentoring program for all those who prefer a purely virtual exchange with their mentor or mentee


Next programme launches for Cross Globe and Cross-Mentoring DACH

We will start both programmes in autumn 2024.

If you have any questions about Cross-Mentoring DACH, please contact Simone Schönfeld (simone.schoenfeld*Den Text zwischen den * loeschen, dies ist ein Spamschutz*

Dr Nadja Tschirner will be happy to provide you with information on Cross Globe (nadja.tschirner*Den Text zwischen den * loeschen, dies ist ein Spamschutz*

At Cross Globe, the program language is English, so that everyone who works in Germany but speaks English also has a suitable offer. We also appeal to participants who want to take part from different international locations.


Cross-Mentoring DACH

Cross-Mentoring DACH is offered in German and is primarily aimed at people working for companies with either headquarters or branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

People working for companies which are situated outside from big cities or in remote areas may participate without need for travelling.

Start: Autumn 2024, exact date will be announced soon.



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